Use of Different Colors of the Candles for Meditation and Their Meanings

The more you know about how every candle can be used, the more your practices will be focused and effective. So let’s uncover some hidden meanings of candles.

Use of candles in different religious rituals

Candles are used in every religion while worshiping their gods. To enlight the temple candles and Diyas are used. Candle help in meditating while prayer. Candle meditation is very relaxing and calming. Candles when used in prayers, rituals, ceremonies or spell work enhance the effectiveness.

Remember to cleanse your candle and fill it with good white light pure love energy before you use it for any purpose.

Candles can be used protection and grounding or cleansing a room or just for giving our prayers out in the universe. They are a very powerful tool to help us tap into our psychic abilities as it helps our mind to relax and focus in the present moment.

Role of Color in Meditation

Each Color holds a certain frequency. Selecting a candle that emits a certain color and frequency which aligns with the purpose and intentions of your ritual shall only enhance the effectiveness of your rituals. Like generally black candles are used for protection or even hexing. As black removes all negativity. When a white candle can be used for protection, as white is an angelic color that purifies everything. The most important part is to charge the candle with your intention. Ask the candle to do what you want - protection, cleansing, burning, etc.

White signifies purity, cleansing, and knowledge Red signifies passion, excitement, and action Pink signifies love and romance Orange signifies strength, power, and courage Yellow signifies energy vitality and motivation Green signifies healing growth and fertility. Blue signifies tranquility and peace. Purple signifies protection, meditation, spirituality Turquoise signifies communication, protection, and travel Black signifies grounding and dispelling negative energies.

Colors Associate with Planet

Colors are also associated with planets and their frequency. Each day of the week is ruled by a planet. Like Tuesday is ruled by mars. So using a specific colored candle on a specific day can enhance the effect of your rituals.

  • Monday - white, silver or grey
  • Tuesday - Red
  • Wednesday - Purple
  • Thursday - Blue
  • Friday - Green
  • Saturday - Black or purple
  • Sunday - yellow or golden candles

For addressing physical illnesses, you can use certain colored candles

  • Yellow - indigestion
  • Blue - insomnia
  • Green / violet - cold
  • Yellow - diabetes
  • Blue - fever
  • Rose - anxiety
  • Orange/ indigo - depression

Different types of candles used for different purposes and this highly reflects from which intention the candle is made or you can charge it with your intentions:

  • Wicca candle
  • Prayer candle
  • Charms candle
  • Adam and Eve
  • Double action
  • Reversible
  • 7 knobs
  • Witch candles
  • Cleansing candle

Please understand that taking care of which colored candles you use in your prayers, rituals, spell work or ceremonies is only going to enhance the effectiveness. But it all works with your intentions and how focused your mind is while performing the rituals and how to learn your intent is regarding your purpose.

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