How Natural Beeswax help in Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful practice to calm ourselves and especially when done with candle its a great stress buster after a long hectic day. But what does it mean to meditate with a candle?

Before we begin any practices, rituals or ceremonies with candles. Please make sure to take care of safety. Use a good candle stand so that the candle does not fall. It’s best to use jar candles because you blow the candle and close the lid off after use. Also, do not keep any volatile objects nearby.

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Doing all this before we begin the process will just help you more in concentrating deeper rather than getting distracted by such worries.

Meditation is a process of letting go and surrendering to the divine flow. Our body can feel uncomfortable initially, doing a few gentle yoga asanas or pranayama /breathwork can help release the tension in the muscles and bring all your attention to your body and in the present moment. Few yoga asanas that can help relax before meditation are child’s pose, happy baby, cat pose, butterfly pose lying down ( supta bhadrasana), spinal twist.
So after relaxing our body, light up a candle. If you are using the one with fragrance you will immediately feel a calming sensation with the beautiful aroma. As the candle brightens up the room, feel the entire energy of the room shift. Sit in any comfortable position, preferably keeping your back straight. Meditation is a practice that develops with time and consistent efforts. So if you are a beginner do not pressure yourself in doing a long candle meditation session. Start with just gazing at the candle. Observe its flame. Try to concentrate on the tip of the flame without blinking.
If our mind wavers during this process, observe the thoughts coming and gently bring your mind to this present moment. Once you are comfortable with candle gazing you can get into candle meditation which is a more deeper elongated process that requires great focus and concentration.