How to Meditate, Guided Meditation with Natural Beeswax Candles

Now we know How Natural Beeswax Help In Meditation. But how to start meditation with fragrance candles? So here’s a little guideline for how to meditate with a candle.

Before start Meditation

Choose the color of candle you want to work with and secure it into a holder remembering to keep it away from any flammable objects. Prepare an area where you can sit quietly and comfortably. Do not have any music playing for a more sensitive, deeper experience as our senses are not distracted. When you have everything ready, light your candle, make yourself comfortable and relax.

The focus for Meditation

Fix your focus on the flame of the candle and begin to breathe slow, steady fashion.

Feel Energy inside you

As you breathe in visualize bright light energy flowing into your body and as you breathe out expel negative energy. Keep your eyes focused on the candle and gradually your vision may begin to distort. Do not try to refocus You may feel as though your eyes are very heavy but maintain this fixed stare at the flame of the candle.

If you are naturally gifted or if you have been practicing enough, pictures will gradually begin to form in the flame. Follow the movement and colors of the flame When you are ready to stop and come back to yourself you can begin to visualize sparkling energy being locked into your body. Visualize a protective cloak being placed around your shoulders and see roots emerging from the base of your spine, traveling down through your body into the ground and beneath you.


Say these words: "I am now ready to come back to myself feeling refreshed, revitalized and confident."

After Meditation

Always remember to do this after any meditation and if you feel light-headed remember to eat something. Afterward, you may want to write down anything you saw or felt that you want to remember. This process of reflection will give you something to refer back to if you realize that you have been given advance notice of something.